Friday, August 22, 2014

Priceless Moments With Dad

So the other day the phone rang and it was my hubby calling to check in on us (like he normally does when he's on break at work). He asked me to put our son on the phone. Being the nosy momma I am..........I eavesdropped... :/ (don't judge me) tehehe...and then my heart melted from what I heard.
Travis: Son...
TJ: Yeah daddy...
Travis: Daddy was sitting here at working thinking about you. I have really enjoyed spending time with you. I've enjoyed our talks. Daddy is looking forward to spending even more time with you.
TJ: Me too daddy (with a big ole kool aid smile) ..

Spending an afternoon talking around the pond with his son...$0.00...
Dad calling his son to tell him how special he is...PRICELESS

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