Monday, February 24, 2014

Low Grade Black People

That's it! That's it! That's it! I can't take this anymore!

My vision is to motivate and inspire people from all walks of life but as an African American woman I'm frustrated. I'm disappointed in the continuing growth of sitcom and reality shows that illuminate low grade examples of black people.
 I get it.....The primary purpose for television is to entertain..But where do we draw the line people? When do we say "Okay. Enough is enough! I'm not going to make a fool out of myself any longer for a dime and two coins." Real Housewives of Atlanta, Love and Hip Hop, Being Mary Jane, Scandal, The Tankards, Preacher's Daughters, Blood Sweat and Heels....all these shows; while entertaining to most, are epic fails in one important area...POSITIVE INFLUENCE.
None of them feature representations of strong hardworking black families who have morals and a high standard of living. These shows continue to cheapen our worth by portraying cheating, lying, manipulative and seductive characters.

There was a time when black characters where seen to be nothing more dancing fools with painted black faces and wide white lips. Although these characters appeared to be doors of opportunity back then, today they are deemed as offensive.

Society has become oblivious to the opportunistic painted faces now camouflaged behind the red pouty lips, Louis Vuitton heels and Giorgio Armani suits.

Green eyed logic says" It's only TV." However, reality clearly reveals the media's agenda to govern our way of living. Television influences how we dress, what we eat, how we talk, think and act.

And to make matters worst, the same celebrities you see fighting, cursing and throwing shade at each other through blogs and twitter are also the ones who are going into our schools, Boys and Girls clubs and even some churches to speak with our children.

On the other hand, you have to give them credit. After producing shows, music and movies loaded with cheating sex, drugs and lies at least they are committed to educating our children on the importance of remaining safe and responsible by making TV commercials that encourages you to know your status by marketing and selling HIV tests conveniently now available for you to use in the privacy of your own home. YASSS, don't you just love the conflicted messages they are sending??? "Go out and sleep with everyone you know. Just be sure to regularly take your STD test. You never know when your actions will catch up with ya!" (Yes, I'm being sarcastic)

And let us not forget their lukewarm "ligion". After providing us with all of those wonderful examples of adultery, fornication, lies and greed, they are always sure to thank God at the awards show for granting them the favor they needed to promote a sin filled lifestyle that will eventually send us all straight to Hell. #ChileBye!

I am raising my children to be Strong Positive Christian pillars in the community as well as in this world. I'm teaching them to never compromise their integrity or God's word.

Everything that glitters is definitely not gold. Especially if you have to make a fool out of yourself to get it.

No matter what color you are; it's not okay for our sisters to call each other the B word. It's s not okay for our brothers to "bust a sag" and demean women. It's not okay for adults to physically fight over "he said she said". It's wrong. It's classless and it poisons the minds of those who turn to TV for guidance because they don't have proper role models.

 As a child of God, I choose to promote his Kingdom. As a writer, I choose to pen life and as a Life Coach, my brand of choice is the Morally Empowered Lifestyle. I choose to stand out from what the media claims to be the new normal. It's time to Upgrade!

What's your choice?
As always, I'm not judging....I'm Standing!

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