Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Death at a Funeral

I usually don't write critiques about movies but a recent experience inspired me to do so. Last week, my husband and I enjoyed some quality time together while the kids were away. I was in the mood for some serious comedy so we went to the movies. We decided to go see "Death at A Funeral". We didn't pay close attention to who was actually in the movie. We just wanted to laugh and enjoy some mindless entertainment. But how many of you know that ignorance is bliss?

The movie was ok. It had a couple of funny scenes but it was hard to enjoy because of the profanity. Even though I've never heard him profess Christ, I was particularly disappointed in Danny Glover, whose character cursed left and right. I was raised to look up to my elders because they represented wisdom and maturity. I know..I know.. it was just a movie right? Wrong!

You see a lot of these actors and actresses appear on our Kids Choice Awards and youth forums. These kids look up to them. So what does it say to our children when their role models portray "not so ideal" characters? Are we telling them that it is okay to lower your standard to make a funny, a dollar or gain notoriety?

It is possible to produce good, clean television without the nudity, profanity and violence. A couple of years ago, I portrayed the character of Jade. My onstage husband wasn't my real life husband. Yet and still, we were able to play a very convincing part and he never even touched me. To this day, I still have people asking me about Jade and Michael because for them, the characters were real. What's my point you ask? Hollywood has brainwashed us into believing that unless sex and vulgarity is included in our television, it's not worth watching. I beg to differ.I consider Rated R movies to be a direct project from satan who is determined to contaminate the minds of our people. He plays on our weakest link....the flesh.

Death at a Funeral could have been a hilarious family movie because it was written to portray how animated families can become whenever there a death in the family. I have past funeral stories of my own that will keep me writing for years (lol). Creativity is more than an expensive set and all star cast, it is strategically producing movies that will entertain viewers without opening doors for destruction.

Anyone who produces movies that requires parental discretion show blatant disregard to their responsibility to protect our children and families from becoming victim to violence, abuse and estrangement. The phrase "sex sells" is never completed. It should say, "Sex Sells your Soul". Profanity Produces Perversion." "Violence Violates Victims."

If You Don't Like it. Don't Read it.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

This Thing Called Faith

As I grow older in life and in Christ, I’ve come to realize that my complacency in faith has been my stronghold for spiritual and natural prosperity.

What is faith? In Hebrews 11:1, we learn that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. I once heard a pastor say, “If you can see it, that ain’t it.” With this scripture and quote in mind, I ask myself “What does it mean to operate in faith?” As a writer, I am strong to writing the vision and making it plain but it’s difficult at times because as I write, I plan. So how do I control that? I understand that my way is not God’s way sometimes.

At the moment, Travis and I have our home up for sale. Currently, he has to commute two hours a day (roundtrip) to work. For our family, it’s an hour commute to church. The distance has prevented us in participating in so many church activities over the years and my husband’s commute has eaten into a lot of our family time. We tired of it. When we put our house on the market in August of 2009, by faith we believed that it would sale by October of 2009. We wrote the vision and mad it plain(literally). We sealed our prayer request in an envelope, prayed over it and tucked it into our bibles. Despite the falling housing market, we believed by faith that God would sell our house by October and you know what? It didn’t sell. I was crushed. We did all that we knew to do. We fasted, prayed and stayed true to God’s word even when the people closest to us told us it couldn’t be done. We wanted desperately to prove the naysayers wrong.

So many times when we are going through, we are quick to wonder if God is testing us like he did Job. I remember immediately rebuking my husband when he made the statement “Satan can hold up your blessing too.” I was like “Noooo. Satan has no authority over us. You’re crazy!” I turned a deaf ear to Travis as he tried to explain. But then God whooped my behind and reminded me of the children of Israel and Moses. The children of Israel’s bondage was a result of constantly disobeying God since creation. Time and time again, God blessed them and time and time again, they became so consumed with earthly riches that they forsook the spiritual.

This is probably why it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom. Everyone doesn’t possess the gift of knowing how to balance spiritual and earthly riches (but that’s a topic for another day)

Moses questioned God his ability to speak to Pharaoh on behalf of the children of Israel (Exodus 3:11). But still through faith, he went. His first encounter Pharaoh wasn’t what we would call a “productive meeting”. Instead of letting them go, Pharaoh punished them by taking away their straw for making bricks causing an already strenuous job to become more difficult. Moses returned to the Lord and asked him (in B’s terms) “How you gon send me out there and get the people into more trouble?” Exodus 5:22-23. God quickly comforted Moses by saying (in B’s terms) “Don’t worry boo. I got this. You just wait and see.” (Exodus 6:1). Then God reminded him about the covenant that he made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. God comforted Moses and reassured him. When Moses tried to talk to children of Israel, they wouldn’t listen to him because they were angry about Pharaoh’s punishment. And let’s be honest, some of us would have been too.

It took several meetings with Pharaoh, nine plagues and the death of Pharaoh’s son before the children of Israel were set free. In my eyes, it looks like it would have been easier for God to send a big quake to swallow up Pharaoh and his men and that would have been it. But God wanted to show Pharaoh and the children of Israel his might and his power.

This was what Travis was trying to get me to understand. No, satan does not have any power over us but as we wait in faith, he will try to deter our beliefs by placing snares in our path. Our ultimate deliverance is based on how strong we stand in our relationship with God. The children of Israel wondered in the wilderness for 40 years because of their staggering beliefs in God. They were full of complaints and took God’s blessings and miracles for granted. I have guilty of doing that as well. Hm, I wonder. Am I the hold up on my family’s blessings?

Faith is about confidence in God not yourself. It’s about still trusting that God knows what best for you knowing even if he doesn’t move when you want him to. Faith is about controlling the flesh and maintaining your emotions. Faith is about not going by what you see. Faith is not about meditating on your problems on a daily basis. Faith is about living life normally until your miracle happens. Faith is trust in God.

Strong faith is trust in God.
Little faith, you just made it harder.
Some faith, you won’t succeed.
So have faith, stand true and believe.

My house will sell when God says so.

You Read It Here First

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


She watches her prey preparing for her attack. All she needs is one moment of vulnerability.

She licks her lips as she sits back secretly planning her strategy of capture. She gives them a false sense of safety.

She sees her moment. She pounces and attacks.

She sinks her teeth into her prey.

She pierces them to the core. If they try to leave she pulls them back. She holds them tight and squeezes until they give in.

Who is she?????

She's a homewrecker.

Homewrecker, we see you. We know who you are and despite the urge we have to retaliate.

We chose to pray for you instead and love you inspite of.

Don't get it twisted. We will fight for our families and marriages. Your plot will fail.

But we are better than that. We won't "catch a case" because of you.

Homewrecker, we understand that sometimes you are a man. We know what it means when you shower us with compliments.

We can see through the morning coffee breaks and lunch invitations. Please don't buy us anymore flowers. We are not flattered.

We understand that marriage is for better or for worst. Don't try and take advantage of us when we are in our worst moments.

Marriage is an honorable thing. The bed is undefiled. We don't want your poison.

Lady Homewrecker meet Man Homewrecker, you both seem to have a lot in common.

Maybe you two should hook up.

But before you do please remember what goes around comes around.

You Read it Here First

Monday, April 5, 2010

Time Will Tell

One of the most important lessons my father taught me as a kid was to always make eye contact while giving a firm handshake (especially with your enemies). He said that looking away was a sign of weakness and intimidation. He also taught me the valuable lesson of remaining silent when the adversary was on my back. I must admit this is a characteristic that I am still trying to master. Yet and still on the occasions when I was able to maintain the flesh, I found his advice to be quite noteworthy. Some people thrive off of another person's anger. Losing your cool only encourages their antics. When you are silent, it confuses them. They don't know what you are thinking. I am reminded of Jesus and how as they led him up to the cross, he never said a mumbling word. He was bigger than the pain.I want to be bigger than the pain.

The other week, someone disrespected me right in my own yard. My first thought was to snatch them, hem them up against one of my Georgia pines and quickly remind them where they were. (Hey I'm just being honest, the flesh can be a mess). But I didn't, I smiled, made a joke and changed the conversation. I understand how words set the foundation for your actions. This is what my dad was trying to teach me.

Even though I am a writer of words, I not very big on them if a person's actions are different. If I say I love you, then I should show it. If I say that I'm going to be there for you then I should be there. One of my biggest pet peaves are people who profess Christ but don't reflect Christ. I was approached by a person who wanted me to write a play for them. This self proclaimed christian wanted it to be an inspirational play but not with "all the Jesus" . This person didn't realize that they were asking me to breathe but without air.

How can person get away with saying they are a Christian and then act like a crook? Yea, I said it. A crook is a thief. You have a Christian crooks who steal biblical principles because it will benefit their hidden agendas. The bible tells us to be hot or cold or God will spit you out of his mouth. Christian crooks are just that disgusting to him. I don't have to be reminded, I know my God is kind, merciful and just but when your time is's up boo. So go hard or go home.

As for me, I am more than words. I am a reflection of my words. You don't have to trust what I say. Look into my eyes because then you will see my heart. Feel the grip of my handshake and you will understand my passion. You don't have to believe what I say, just watch me. Time will tell.

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