Monday, May 10, 2010

Determined to Go to Hell

You're determined to go to hell
Yes that's what you are
You've closed your mind to reason
Satan has captivated your heart

You've heard the word of God
Yet it falls upon deaf ears
You've ignored your pastor's pleas
You've ignored your momma's tears

Determined to go to hell
On gasoline truck, 100 miles per hour
You won't activate God's anointing
You won't walk in his power

You indulge in meaningless pleasures
Be it a woman or a man
You call it living free
Just taking whatver you can

You think you have until later
To get it right with God
You take your chances with time
You test his chastening rod

You say "God will forgive me
All I have to do is repent"
So you continue to play the system
You ask for forgiveness of your sins

You take for granted his mercy
You take for granted his grace
But in the twinkling of an eye
Your suddenly standing face to face

You now have to answer to the Father
You have no choice. You have to tell
Why despite the many prayers
You were determined to go to hell

You knew right from wrong
But you chose life in the fast lane
Now it's too late
No matter how much you call his name

A billion miles above the surface
Your family cries out in agony and pain
In their minds they wonder
Did you make it right again?

But their prayers won't help you this time.
On earth you made your decisions and you must pay for your crime

Your life flashes before you and you pled for mercy and you yell
But now God won't hear you. You were determined to go to hell.

If you are reading this that means your breathing
God has spared your life
If you haven't done it already, please give your life to Christ

Tomorrow is not promised to you
Get saved now! Hear me yell
Please don't turn your face from God
Please don't be determined to go to hell.

From My Heart to Yours

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