Monday, July 16, 2012

Moth at my Feet

I was blessed to be raised by a mom who was the perfect example of charity (love and giving). She wasted no time in being there for others during their time of grief. She has always been a counselor  to those who were emotionally broken. She knew just when to give tough love and hugs and kisses. Our home was a home to many. She and my dad were not only faithful to our church but they were dedicated to helping the community as well. Their only motive….was to please God. My goal was to be like them when I grew up.

Their passion overflowed onto their children. As a Child→ Teen→ Young Adult→ Wife→ Mom→ Woman of God→ and Business Woman, I worked hard to manifest my inherited call. When my husband answered God’s call to start GO Ministries, my excitement grew. Not only where we going to be a help within the four walls of the church but now God was using us in the same manner as Jesus (who ministered through parables) to reach the world.

I admit, it took me a minute to fully get on board with starting GO Ministries. But once I allowed my ears to become keen to God’s voice; my reservations ceased.

Still, I wasn’t prepared for the skeptics. I wasn’t prepared for the people who would question our motives. I wasn’t prepared for the doors that would close in our faces because people were afraid that we were trying to sneak and open a church. I definitely wasn't prepared for the people who claimed they were supporting us when they were actually hoping for our failure.

I knew my husband had a call on his life but I began to question my own call. I was overwhelmed by the challenges we were facing. My naivety fooled me into believing that since God called us our only fight would be against the enemy and people of the world. Insecurity began to set in. Then….my sister passed away. It seemed like God forgot about us.

I continued to work in ministry but I felt like I was in a constant fog. I couldn’t think straight through the grief and weariness. I tried to avoid my own pain by helping others through their own…..AND IT HELPED!!! Once we started the job training program, I could see where God was using my pain to help others through their own. I’ve counseled young women who were victims of incest, rape, domestic violence and neglect. My passion for helping the hurt grew. The need was great and before we knew it, a waiting list for services began to form. Funding to support our program was needed and consistently denied. We were told that while our intentions were admirable, helping “those people” (meaning to the low income single moms) would be a waste of time. We were trying to help the “hungry” but were denied help from the “fed” while they ate their steak dinners. It was totally frustrating!

My husband and I took a vacation to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary. We wanted to spend some time away, enjoy each other and clear our minds. Savannah was absolutely beautiful and just what we needed. It’s amazing how God can minister through relaxation. We came back refreshed and with a new plan of action in place. But God didn’t stop there. Some of our decisions are bittersweet and God knew that so he sent confirmation in the most beautiful way. Just as my husband and I were leaving one afternoon, a moth flew and landed two steps from my foot. Wings together, it was shaped like shield with a perfect shaped cross on its back. I heard the voice of God say “I’m with you every step of the way.”

We will be making three announcements in a series of three blogs. So stay tuned and be on the lookout for the subject heading (ANNOUNCEMENT)

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