Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Illuminati Ignorance - Sheer Bliss

Illuminati Ignorance.....
This morning I made the decision to break ties with an associate who has become consumed in the World of Illuminati. The person is fullly aware of God's Word versus the Illuminati agenda but chose to join forces to what they percieve to be the winning team.

Through EX Ministries, founded by G. Craig Lewis, I have learned quite a bit about the Illuminati agenda. G. Graig Lewis teaches us how the leaders of this satanic organization are depending solely on the ignorance of society to promote their hidden motivesThe first tactic used by this group is to put on the appearance of good. They use the media, charity, education and even churches to flatter the population. I recently read an article defining the meaning of Global Chess, a game played to manifest the Illuminati agenda. This article provides a detailed account of the game, its purposes and how it's played by people everywhere in sheer ignorance.Click here to read article.
Our children entertain this demonic spirit on a daily basis. The illuminati works through music, fashion, hairstyles, movies, sitcoms, piercing, tatoos and hand signs. What our children percieve to be cool is actually satan's deception. I've never understood why parents would allow their children to listen to and/or partake in anything of this world that is in direct contradiction of God's word. These same parents deem the rest of us to be overprotective, paranoid and religious nuts.
We have adopted the world's saying "We need less religion." Let's define the word. According to Merriam Webster, religion is (1) : the service and worship of God or the supernatural (2) : commitment or devotion to religious faith or observance.
Why would we need less of something that is clearly defined as being our belief in God? What we need less of is the traditions of men that inhibit the growth of God's kingdom. We hear a saying and repeat it without investigating the orginal source. Ignorance is Bliss...
According to the Illuminati Chessboard game, the game creators include Presidents, Religious Leaders, Churches, Philanthropist, Businesses, Mass Media and so on.This version of the AntiChrist's game has been in effect for over 1000 years. I also found another article that details the agenda from an Ex Illuminist. Click Here to Read. The information is innumerable and a blessed eye opener for Christians everywhere.

I encourage you to do the research, study your word, pay more attention to the ways of the world. Don't become consumed with it's deadly entices. Everything that looks good ain't good.

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, ask yourself "Is it Halloween?"

From My Heart to Yours


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