Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tyler Perry's Tempation: LME Review

My husband and I went to see Tyler Perry's latest movie "Temptation". Now, I am trying my best to be careful as I write this review because even though I enjoy some of Tyler's work, my principles as a Christian are different from his so I wouldn't say this is a Christian movie. Still he' very talented and I can appreciate the message he sent in this movie.
Temptation presents an onscreen representation of the 80/20 rule regarding love and marriage. Movie characters Brice and Judith are childhood sweethearts who grow up to marry and move away to start life on their own. Six years into the marriage, Judith finds herself growing inpatient of her stagnant career as a marriage counselor. Judith also finds herself questioning the spice and strength in her own marriage once she meets business client Harley, who introduces her to a world she's never before experienced.
A very rich Harley seduces her with his promiscuous charm and promises to give her a life of luxury and fulfill her career goals. At first, Judith refuses Harley's advances but soon gives in after an unsuspecting Brice fails to give her the attention she desires. Judith and Harley embark on a whirlwind lust affair that ends with all parties paying a significant price of pain.

I was surprised when I read some of the reviews of online critics. Namely, Veronica Miller, writer for the Grio, who wrote she was annoyed with the "heavy-handed punishment of a female character who happened to be interested in sex, and the implication that the rest of her days on Earth were doomed to loneliness and regret. Oh. And HIV." I strongly disagree with Ms.  Miller. In fact, the CDC reports "African Americans have the most severe burden of HIV of all racial/ethnic groups in the United States. African Americans accounted for an estimated 44% of all new HIV infections among adults and adolescents (aged 13 years or older) in 2010.." In my opinion, this movie provided yet another eye opener for it's viewers.  Tyler kept it real and produced a movie that exposed one of the biggest problems that's affecting most marriages. Today's inpatient couples are splitting up at the first signs of boredom and adversity. They are quick to forget their vow to stay together "for better or for worse". Marriage takes work and has it's ups and downs. God ordained it to be forever....PERIOD!

B's Thumbs Up: I give this movie a thumbs up because it's relatable and it gives you a cold hard view into what can happen if you act selfishly and irresponsibly. Hollywood constantly sensationalizes lust and sin. They are blinding the public's ability to tell the difference between what's fake and real. I applaud Tyler for writing the truth in this regard. As my husband and I were leaving the theatre, we overheard to two women talking about the movie. One said to the other, "Thank you for bringing me to see this. I see where you were coming from. Tyler showed me that in this movie" The other woman replied "I told you. Think about it before you make your decision." I would like to think this movie helped someone make this decision not to give up on  her marriage but instead fight.

B's Thumbs Down: Tyler is very talented at his craft but I have to give him a thumbs down when it comes to applying biblical principles in this movie. He gives the audience a lukewarm interpretation of what Christianity is all about and we all know how God feels about a lukewarm Christian (Rev.3:16) Also, it was agitating to see Judith's mom who (in the movie) was also a reverend, curse at her son in law, Brice, and then justify her slip up after he tells her she shouldn't be cursing. For lemme change that, From now on, I would like to see Tyler write characters with strong Christian values minus the cursing, misquoting of scripture and bar scene fellowships. We are to reverence the word of God and not make light of God's doctrine. I understand the desire to keep it real and relatable but it can be done without compromising the standard (Sherwood Pictures has proven that). If we are going to acknowledge God for his might, power and ability to change any circumstance then go all out!!! Jesus Christ died on the cross so that we can be free from sin.

Tyler, you say God has blessed you and has given you a platform to help the people so please start writing characters with true Godly standards and stop writing lukewarm christian characters who will only become a stumbling block for those (your viewers) who are seeking to know God.

Praying This Review Has Helped Make Living Your Life a Little Easier :)

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