Monday, April 8, 2013

How to Avoid Lady Hands

Before you continue reading STOP and look at your hands..
My heart dropping moment was when I noticed the old lady hands typing at my computer. I'm only in my 30's so why did my hands look like they were approaching retirement? The answer is plain and simple...NEGLECT. Our hands go through a lot during the day and are easily overlooked. Think about it. We work, cook, clean, style hair, give kiddie baths, bite our nails etc. The list goes on and on.
I recently discovered the True Blue hand scrub and lotion system while shopping at Bath and Body Works and let me tell ya.....I am in love!!!
First, I used the 60 second manicure hand scrub and followed up with the hand softening lotion. My hands now look youthful and feels silky smooth. I highly recommend this product. These items are currently on sale at Bath and Body Works; Buy Two, Get One Free.

Here are a few additional tips on how to Avoid "Old Lady" hands.
  • Remember to moisturize.
  • Use glove while cleaning or using harsh chemicals.
  • Whether at the salon or at home, give yourself a manicure. Keep those fingernails looking neat and healthy. Be sure to push those cuticles back, file, buff and apply nail polish or clear coat.
  • Apply Sunscreen when needed.
 Now go and take care of those hands!!! (PS I am not getting paid to endorse these products.)
Praying this post has helped to make your living your life a little easier :)


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