Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mom, Is that gospel?

I can't tell you how many times we have been riding in the car listening to the radio when a song would come and one of my children would ask "Mom is that a gospel song?" My response would be "Shhh, let me listen......they said Jesus so "we good we good we good".

Honestly.... that's a shame.
I don't listen to the radio much anymore. I prefer to listen to music of my choosing through my CD player. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with tuning in to the radio. I still do it from time to time but I drew the line when I heard a "gospel" radio talk show host give Beyonce praise for her song "Single Ladies" Dance contest citing that God was using her to promote marriage while helping to improve the economy....RIIGHHHT.. thaaatttss what she was doing....


As some of you may know, my daughters love interpretative dance. They have been blessed to serve under some wonderful dance leaders. Their first dance instructor was Sis April Boyd of Christian Fellowship Church in Warner Robins and now they are taught by Sis Darlene Fowler of Victory Tabernacle in Albany, GA. My oldest daughter is constantly listening to music and scanning YouTube for inspiration.
She came into my room this past weekend after spending some time on YouTube. With a funny look on her face she asked, "Mom, does Detrick Haddon still sing gospel." I said "I guess. Why?". She replied " I just watched this video he made of the song "Beautiful Soul". There was a girl in booty shorts dancing in the background and he was talking to a woman. I guess it's for a movie?"
So I went to check it out. Let's watch....
I am learning through research that in order to increase both record sales and target markets some "gospel' artists will make the decision to change their style of music and lyrics. "Gospel" songs that omit words such as God, Jesus, Christ, Savior and Holy Spirit etc. can be used in the secular world as well. In addition, some "gospel" artists admit to collaborating with secular artists so that they can reach a wider market. I admit. It's a tempting concept, especially if this is how you make your living. However, the last time I checked, God said that HE would supply all our needs according to his riches and glory. (Phillipians 4:19) I know that the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just (Proverbs 13:22) but this doesn't mean that we are to conform to the ways of the world either (Romans 12:2) When something is "laid up"'s in storage, arranged and awaiting. The spoils of war are only awarded after God fights our battle and rewards us for standing true to his word. Besides, how can two walk together except they agree? I know that people make decisions BC (before Christ) that leaves visible marks that last a lifetime. I'm not dogging that. On the other hand, never in my life have I seen a growing trend of unusual body piercings, tattoos, sagging pants and bootylicious clothing being worn on the bodies of "saints."
The world pulled the oldest trick in the book by saying through forced tears "You are judging me. You make me feel bad about myself. You make being saved sound boring. Besides God knows my heart." And as a body of Christ, we fell for it. Hook. Line and Sinker. So in order for them not to feel bad said "Oh no baby I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. Do you Boo. Be who God made you to be. You can be saved and still be cool. See watch this." And we conformed to look, dress and act like them to make them feel comfortable around us. What we should have said was "Baby, I love you but that's me making you feel bad. This ain't even me talking to you. It's God talking to you through me. What you are feeling is not offense. It's conviction."
As children of God, we should be prepared for the pouting, blank looks, silent cricket moments and "would you please sit" attitudes? Jesus got them all time. It comes with the territory. What love reading about Jesus the most is his loving but firm stance.
When my daughter asked "Mom, is that gospel?" My reply was simple. I replied "Baby, if you have to ask, that ain't it."

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