Friday, August 24, 2012

Deadly shooting near the Empire State Building

As Reported By Jason Sickles on Yahoo Lookout....

Eight people are believed to be wounded and at least two people are dead Friday after a shooting outside the Empire State Building in the Midtown area of Manhattan. The two victims include the gunman, who was shot and killed by police near the tourist entrance of the landmark skyscraper.

The shooting occurred at around 9 a.m. ET at Fifth Avenue and West 34th Street. The New York Post reported that the incident was the act of a disgruntled former employee. The gunman was fired from his job on Thursday and returned to his office Friday morning to target his boss, local and federal officials told NBC News, according to a tweet.

The shooter followed his coworker down 33rd Street, and shot him outside of Legend's Bar, the Post reported. It is unclear if he fired into a crowd of pedestrians outside of the Empire State Building, or if pedestrians were caught in crossfire, reported the New York Daily News. A bystander was killed.

Oddly enough, my mind goes back to rapper Jay Z, who in 2009 released the song"New York" which the contained lyrics that stated "life starts when the church ends."
Given tragedies that continue to plagued our world, I beg to differ.
Saint's in a word......PRAY.

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