Thursday, August 18, 2011

Zachery Tims

I'll admit. I don't watch many televangelists. It seems for most of them, ministry has become more about fame than FAITH. Let's watch....One TV Pastor says he doesn't preach about hell because it's too controversial~SWITCH THE CHANNEL~ another says everyone is going to heaven~ SWITCH THE CHANNEL~ One TV show says tells competing gospel artists "You sound good but you just don't have the look “~SWITCH THE CHANNEL~And another TV Pastor has starting producing "christian" movies that include profanity and drinking with an all-star cast of unsaved, unmarried actors who are allowed to kiss and fondle each other....~SWITCH THE CHANNEL.

Call me religious or holier than thou all you want but I can back my convictions up with scripture.

I didn't follow Pastor Zachery Tims much. As a matter of fact, I didn't know about his divorce until I heard about his passing. From what I heard, at one point, he had a thriving ministry. There is speculation about his death and for the sake of his soul, his family and his church; I pray that they are not true. However, there was a comment made by one of his followers that disturbed me. The person said during an interview that even if the autopsy results came back with positive results for drugs, they felt like the good he did in life outweighed the bad. That's true to some extent. It's always better to focus on the good in life but when it comes to a person's soul...good doesn't get you into heaven. Side Note: I don't have a heaven or a hell to put this man in. My prayer is that he made it in. I definitely would not disrespect his memory or his family. I just lost a sister and I know how I would feel if someone spoke negatively about her. However, this person's comment is a mindset that Christians cannot adopt.

We never know when God will grace the skies. As Christians, it is vital that we live every second as if it is our last. One thousand years of doing "good" cannot justify one second in sin. My Pastor developed an acronym for sin. He calls it Self Inflicted Nonsense. I don't live a life of sin but on the other hand, I'm far from perfect. It's frightens me to know that I can live a life sold out for Christ and the moment, I decide live or act in the flesh, God can come and my soul will be lost. That's why I have diagnosed myself with R.O.C.D....Repentance Obsessive Compulsive Dedication. I continuously pray, repent and ask God to give me wisdom.

The Bible says in Proverbs 10:12, love covers a multitude of sin. Some people misinterpret this scripture. This doesn't mean that we are to hide a person's actions while they are in sin but we are to help them to heal and become delivered from sin. I respect leaders in their positions and I know that everything should be done in decency and in order. However, no matter the title, if a person is found to be living in contrast of God's word, we as Christians...their brothers and sisters in Christ...are obligated to pray to God for guidance and then address the issue according to his command. It is not about exposing but expelling that sinful nature. Our love for God and each other should prompt us to do whatever it takes to keep that soul from eternal damnation. I feel sorry for anyone who know about a person's struggles and problems but do nothing to help them overcome it. The last thing I want is the blood of a lost soul on my hands.

No one should judge Pastor Tims fate. Only God knows. Right now he has children, family and a church that is hurting not only because of their loss but because they don't know what happened. I know how that lose someone suddenly and not have a clue as to what happened. The autopsy says my sister died of "undetermined natural causes". The unknown is a horrible feeling and it only lengthens the grieving process. Whatever the outcome, pray that God will intervene, strengthen and make whatever might have been wrong....right.

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