Monday, October 29, 2012

Class vs Boojie

You would be surprised at the vast difference of opinion in today's society regarding the meaning of dignity and class. Over the years, this mindset of living has been re categorized as a "boojie mentality.

Some races feel they will lose touch with their ethnicity if they begin to use proper grammar, etiquette, poise and dress professionally. Reality TV has provided a false sense of what it means to be successful, stylish and elegant focusing more on sexuality rather than standard.

Most people believe there is a fine line between the two words. I respectfully disagree.  When my daughter was two years old, she was scolded by a family member because she said "dog" instead of "dawg". I quickly reminded the family that in our house there is no black or white way of talking only a right way. Later in life, an associate of mine admitted to not liking me when she first saw me because of the way I walked. I asked her in what way was I walking to which she replied "You had your shoulders and back straight."I was so flabbergasted, it took me a moment to respond. My mom taught me not to slouch when sitting or walking. Not only is it good for your back but shows confidence.

Merriam Webster dictionary defines the term classy as being a person having or reflecting high standards of personal behavior. This person is also deemed to be skillful, graceful and refined. According to the Rice University Neologism Database, "the term boojie is derived from the french word word bourgeois, which refers to a member of the middle class. In this derogatory tone, the word boojie is used to characterize one who is attempting to mislead others into thinking they hold a higher position then the one they truly possess." Street slang defines boojie as being a stuck up or snobbish individuals who thinks they are better than the next person.

What is a Boojie mentality?
It may sound harsh when I say this but, a boojie person lacks humility and compassion. Achieving what you feel to be ultimate success and downgrading others who have yet to accomplish their own goals is a boojie mentality.Treating people based on how much you think they have is a boojie mentality.

What is Class?

Class is making the most out of what you have now while trusting in God for prosperity and growth. Class is education. Class is wisdom. Class is an humble spirit. Class is the ability to maintain a cool head in a heated situation.Class is not afraid of hard work and willing to get a little dirty in the process. Class is about being quick to roll out the red carpet for the less fortunate.

As woman of God, you know I have to turn to the bible. Biblically speaking, a boojie person shows favoritism and is a respecter of persons. It says in Acts 10:3,  "Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:" God is not a respecter of person. He does not show favoritism and neither should we." Don't judge a person because they seek to improve their quality of living. But then again don't look down on person who have yet to learn proper etiquette. Never think that you are too high in life to learn from the "little man": both sides can learn from each other. After all, there is book smart, there is street smart but most importantly there is God smart...Now that's class!

Watch Bridgett discuss this topic in her video blog series of Elite Living.


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