Wednesday, September 5, 2012

She Chose to Keep on Walking

She was taught about Christ the Savior, no sooner than she was born from the womb
Fervently taught by her parents  about Heaven's glory and Hell's gloom
She was taught to always stand up for what she knew was Godly right.
She was taught to never give up and continue to stay in the fight.
She took her first steps as a little girl ...and she started walking.

Growing up in life, some things made her happy, others made her sad
Somethings uplifted her spirit, somethings made her raging mad
But she kept her eyes on Jesus and she keep on walking.

In the school yard she was peculiar, talking about Jesus, wearing long dresses
Raising the eyebrows of fellow classmates who wondered about this Christ she professes
She was unusual but....she kept on walking.

At a young age she discovered her gift of singing in angelic praise
Promising to serve her Lord through out her breathing days
Shirley Ceaser, Clark Sisters, Canton Spirituals, Mighty Clouds of Joy too.
Played from the 1980s record player in our family's living room.
She sang eloquently and......she kept on walking.

As she blossomed into young womanhood, God anointed her personality
She had the gift of brightening a room and singing praise to God Almighty
She had a sense of humor that could make anyone's bad day good

She constantly gave to others always helping out whenever she could
She was determined and.....she kept on walking.

An assault at a young age would plague her with headaches throughout her days
Doctors said "Healing? There no way."
But she kept the faith and ...she kept on walking.

She feel in love and became a wife and then to two little ones she birthed life
They became the Beards. Hand in Hand, they kept on walking.

Some people tried to bring her down but she stood tall on solid ground.
She kept focused and...she kept on walking.

She always graced a welcoming smile
Reminding others of Christ worthwhile
Beaming with joy...she kept on walking.

The night before she died, she was filled with unspeakable joy
Posted on Facebook, Till I meet Jesus. Looking forward to the weekend with the hubby, little girl and baby boy
She was never stop walking.

In the morning light, God revealed to her Heaven's light. Imagine that. What a beautiful sight!
It was her time...toward the light...she chose to keep on walking.

Tell the truth. Shame the Devil.
God elevated her to another level.
She now sings for Heaven's record label and she sits at God's Holy table.

Aren't you glad?...She kept on walking. ©2011

                                                                                                                                    For You Tot


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