Monday, June 25, 2012

Soul Man...Umph Really

I don't have to watch TV Land's newest sitcom, "Soul Man" to know that I already hate it. Starring Cedric the Entertainer and Neicy Nash, this new show depicts the life of a newly "called" pastor and his hesitant wife. The previews alone have already established that this show will give the audience a false representation of what being a Pastor and Pastor's Wife is all about.

I have to give to Hollywood. They are doing a great job at trying to demoralize Christianity and God’s standard. I have to admit. I too have been guilty of being entertained by some of the movies and shows that all along was hurting the church tremendously. We complain about homosexuality but we laugh at the movies where men wear dress in drag. We complain about the lack of abstinence but the show about four promiscuous old ladies living in one house still tickle us well after the show has ended. We complain about the language of today's youth but with all of the "cussin" preachers you see on TV; how could you blame them?

Cedric the Entertainer and Neicy Nash are two talented actors but here is where I draw the line. The Pastor Wives I grew up with and served under didn't have bodacious bust lines. They loved their members tremendously. They held hands during times of mourning. Helped to welcome new babies. Spoke words of wisdom and mentored women and young girls in the community. They loved their husbands and raised obedient children. The Pastors I grew up with and served under where mighty men of valor. They kept their homes in order. They taught God's word and lived by it. They were faithful, honest and treated everyone fairly.

Simply put, as a body of Christ; let's remember to remain watchful about what we allow to pass through our TV screens. It's time to take a stand. Yes, laughter is wonderful and healthy; but only in good clean fun.

I've included a youtube video that will help start your day off with some hilarity. I don't know if Gary Owens is a Christian but this act is clean and funny. I pray it helps to give your workweek a great start.

Have A Blessed Day!!!




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