Wednesday, June 6, 2012

CPL Steve Sutton and the Beauty of American Love

CPL Sutton

Today I saw something that will warm my heart forever. As you may know, Lance Corporal Steve Sutton of Leesburg, Georgia was killed in combat in Afghanistan 12 days ago. Today residents of both Lee and Dougherty County lined Slappey Blvd to show their respects to the family. The line of supporters stretched for miles. Many people held American flags while others stood in somber silence. Today, I saw the unity in what most people call two racially divided towns. Today, I saw strangers show love and respect to the family of a fallen soldier. Today, I saw people obey God's word when he commanded us to comfort them that mourn. Today, I didn't see black or white; Instead I saw red, white and blue. It was absolutely beautiful!!! Town United
I was able to take two pictures of supporters before the family car arrived. However, I couldn't bring myself to record the motorcade. I simply wanted to honor the moment. Today it wasn't about sensationalism, fame or stardom. Today it was about honor, respect and displaying the Beauty of American Love.

I am no stranger to loss. My little sister passed away last year. I (like I'm sure most of you) understand the deep ache that will forever burn in the Sutton family's heart. It is my prayer that the love shown today will help comfort the Sutton family. I've never met CPL Steve Sutton or his family but their name is one that I will always remember not only because he died serving our country but also because through his death, he was able to bring two divided towns together. In a time when it seems that most people have lost touch with the true meaning of family, unity and Christian comfort, it is a blessing to see that there are still some who hold true to these values and the Beauty of American Love.

Many Prayers to the Sutton Family

Sutton Family

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