Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Why God Didn't Give It to You

When my husband and I first started preparing for our dream home, our initials plans were to build.
One of the first things we did was look for land.We found a quaint acre lot on the outskirts of town. It was perfectly nestled at the opening of the subdivision. I fell in love with the property. I could see our home and our family living there for many years. Needless to say, we weren't able to purchase the land and I was heartbroken. But God kept his word and blessed us with greater when we purchased our current home a year later.

The house we live in now is actually a few miles down the road from the property I once adored. In the recent months, we noticed improvements being made on the lot. The owner had it graded, removed trees and installed a driveway. The land sat vacant for a few months after that. I figured the owner was landscaping the property so that it would appeal to potential buyers.

Today as we drove past the land, we noticed ground stakes foot printing the shape of a house placed in the center of the property. There was an elderly gentlemen measuring the stakes while a woman (who I assume to be his wife) walked around the stakes clearing sticks. I smiled and said to my husband "Aww, they have to be the ones who are building the house." In my mind I imagined the excitement they were feeling  and I wondered "Was this their first home or retirement home?"

I remembered the excitement Travis and I felt when we built our first home years ago. We visited the building site daily, checking on progress and cleaning up any messes the construction workers left behind. I imagine this will also be the couple's daily routine until their home is complete. While I don't know them, I pray everything works out beautifully for them.

Seeing this was a tremendous blessing for me. Sometimes we get so caught up in what "God didn't give us". We ask "Why did God let the next person have the car, the house or the job and not me?" We forget, there are others who have prayers, goals and dreams as well.  What God has for US is for US but we also must remember What God has for THEM is for THEM. Today, I was blessed with the honor of seeing why God didn't give it to me and I give him praise; not only for the blessings in my life but for the blessings he has bestowed in the lives of others.

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