Monday, November 3, 2014

Brittany Maynard's Suicide...Reasons to Never Give Up

My heart was saddened to hear of the death of Brittany Maynard. For those of you who haven't heard, Brittany Maynard is the 29 year old woman  who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer earlier this year. After she was only given six month to live, Brittany decided to moved to Utah where she would able to take her life based on Utah's  Death and Dignity assisted suicide law. It has been reported that Brittany took her life on Sunday and died surrounded by family and friends.
Her story caused much controversy between religious groups and activists. As a matter of fact, this blog post was motivated by the comments I've read on social media.

I do not condone suicide....for any reason. However, despite my bible based beliefs, I refuse to be one of those people who continue to post that Brittany is now rotting in hell. It churns my stomach to see so many people who claim to know God show cold hearted disrespect to her family in their time of mourning. While some people have noted that Brittany's story has inspired them to take control of their own destinies by deciding when and how they will die, I am inspired to work harder than ever to encourage others to trust God with their lives.

Faith is the evidence of things not seen. Bishop Harvey Bee said it best in his one of his sermons when he said "If you can see it. That ain't it." In the past four years, I have  become somewhat accustomed more than ever with the pains of life. There were many times when I could not see things getting better. It was my faith in God and understanding that he sees what I don't see. He knows what I don't know and he can change what man says will always be.

My husband and Pastor consistently teaches the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with God....FOR REAL. No more patty cake religion. No more Sunday lip service. No more CME (Christian, Mother's Day and Easter) Christians. No more once saved always saved, I was baptized so that means I'm heaven bound antics.

People like Brittany Maynard are all around us. They need for us, as children of God to comfort them with God's words of encouragement, wisdom and strength. They need to hear more about our testimonies of how we overcame. No disrespect but enough of the "We fall down and we get up." Nonbelievers don't take us seriously because every time they turn around, we have fallen. They deem us as being hypocritical weaklings. It's time we operate in the strength of God's Holy Spirit and spread God's hope to the hopeless.

I'm tired of hearing about the suicides. No one else should die because of fear and hopelessness. Not on my watch. I intend the "flip the script" on the platform many are trying to build from Brittany Maynard's death by encouraging people to choose life...Choose God....

Said in Love. Never in Hate

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