Tuesday, September 23, 2014

No Good Deeds Movie Review...(Sorry First Post Was Accidentally Deleted)

So I literally just walked out of the movie theater after watching No Good Deed starring Idris Elba and Taraji P Henson. I was so excited about seeing this movie and my anticipation was well satisfied. Without giving any spoilers and keeping this short, simple and sweet here is my review...eh hem... This movie came jam packed with drama, action and suspense. Taraji P Henson's character was something fierce and gavel pounding proof that when push comes to shove there is nothing a mommy wouldn't do to protect her children.

Although, he did have a couple of slip-ups when speaking with an American accent (that Brit came out a couple of times Idris....lol) But HEY...that's okay because the hubby and I loved the movie! Idris Elba performed superbly and gave the audience a jaw dropping portrayal of a crazed psychopath.

Of course, I am falling into the role of what some may say is being a "Christian Prude" because we both give the movie 4 Stars. The four star rating come because of the mild profanity which includes two F-Bombs...Sorry but I wish that word would just die!

Still, I would recommend this movie for it's plot, unsuspected twist, life lesson moment and talented cast. If you have ever wondered why some good deeds are left undone...watch this movie!

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