Friday, May 24, 2013

Premiere of Fox 31's Mother Knows Best Panel

Hi everyone!!!
I know that it's been a minute since I posted a blog but I have a good excuse. In addition to preparing for our next stage play, I was recently selected to be a part of Fox 31's Mother Knows Best Panel!!! The Mother Knows Best Panel includes four mothers that will address parenting, family issues during our  20 minute segment that each Thursday.

We are so excited the Mother Knows Best and look forward to it growing into something that will bring positive growth in the lives of families everywhere. Be sure to watch us every Thursday in the 8:00 AM hour on Fox 31. Our segment will also post to YouTube for those of you miss the show or don't live locally. Please click below to watch the first episode of Fox 31's Mother Knows Best panel. The topics for the show's premiere were "How to Prepare Your Children for Natural Disaster and Animal Safety.

If you ( whether you live near or far) have any topics that you would like for us to cover please email me at
I am so excited about these God-given endeavors. Please pray for me as I work to prioritize my projects so that nothing will go lacking. Stay tuned! More blog posts coming soon!!!

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